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Company Profile

Since 2004 closed joint stock company Research and Production Concern BARL has been involved in the development and implementation of:

- ground complexes (both mobile and fixed) intended for receiving and processing data from ERS and communication satellites;

- hardware and software modules for high-rate (up to 1 GB) reception and unpack of data from ERS satellites (up to 1 gbps);

- ERS data processing centres and generation of related end products for different areas of industry, security, defence, geological exploration etc;

- ground complexes (both mobile and fixed) intended for receiving/transmitting telemetry and integrating commands in the satellite board;

- mobile communication complexes.

ZAO NPK BARL engages highly qualified specialists in the fields of space and modern information technology with extensive experience in the industry of defence and with research organisations. 116 people are employed by Research and Production Concern, all of them having degrees, 6 people have post-graduate degrees and academic titles.

The company closely cooperates with Russian governmental institutions and enterprises that make part of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, Ministry of Industry and Energy, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Transport, Federal Space Agency, Rosoboronexport and others.

Among permanent business partners of ZAO NPK BARL are OAO RSC "Enegia", OAO RIRT, OAO NII Kulon, OAO Kometa, JSC "Academician M.F. Reshetnev "Information Satellite Systems", NPO MASHINOSTROENIA, LOMO PLC, OAO HNK SPP and others.